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  • It’s so sunny today, and this will be my happy view, from our kitchen window very soon #soleil🌞
  • Sometimes we just need time to bloom. Just like a caterpillar 🐛 who magically turns into a butterfly in its own time🦋. People often seem to forget that. Instead; they tend to judge what they don’t know or comprehend. In a time of control and conformity like ours, I believe we should let go and open our hearts to the individual journey of others. When we start to believe in the capacity, capability and choices of one another, we free ourselves from the anxiety and pressure of society. We are all caterpillars, we all need air, sun and time to figure out, who we truly are. When you stop rushing and judging yourself and others, magical things happen🎈Have a magical day wherever you are ❤️ #trustyourjourney
  • Lovely Walk home in the Sunset 🎈#sunset
  • At noon we went for a walk in this beautiful and sunny weather. The sea looked magical today and the strong midday light made everything look colorful and bold, I tend to appreciate this strong light more, after a month in Ireland 😊✨
  • Yesterday in Barcelona🌸 since we are big fans of feet and not of Metro’s, we walked 16 km and explored the city by feet, it was a great day with beautiful pink hues, a rendezvous with places we knew and exploring new sites of the city too, it was also our last day in Spain. We left the peninsula in the evening after a really long day of walking and playing 🎈#byebyespain
  • Sunday with this rejuvenating Pink Clay, Manuka & Lactic Acid Facial Mask. We have been traveling for about 7 weeks now, so my skin really needed some tlc, this mask did the job, without doubt one of the best facials I’ve formulated yet. Recipe: 1 tsp raw Manuka honey, 1 tsp organic goats milk yogurt, 1 tsp pink clay mask from Argiletz or 1 tsp pink clay powder + 1/2 tsp water, 2 drops Palmarosa essential oil, 3 drops grapefruit essential oil, 8 drops organic cold pressed camellia seed oil. Mix until smooth and apply on clean damp skin with a brush, leave on for 10 mins, then apply a damp face towel on your face for 5-10 mins, enjoy the inside of your eyelids and relax 😂 Remove the mask and clean your skin, preferably with a konjac towel like mine. The fab “Angel Cloth” from The Konjac Sponge Company “it’s literally worth every penny” makes your skin so soft and clear. Apply your moisturizer or face oil and enjoy super soft skin with a lovely glow. This recipe is for two applications and can be stored in your fridge up to 3 days. ✨#diyfacial
  • Hygge Lunch 🥗 A lovely Kale & Shitake Salad with sweet and sour red peppers 🌶, Avocado 🥑 and an egg white omelette ❤️ #hyggelunch
  • Morning Swing 🌴
  • Pretty 🌸🎈 #spring
  • There is no doubt that we are a family that are forever in love with the sun and the sea... Today we felt the sand between our toes again and the calming view of the beautiful sea #infatuatedbythesea
  • Goodbye cold weather and hello full blown spring, sometimes things don’t quite work out as you thought they would. After twenty something days in NI, we decided it wasn’t our place, and after three days of intense travel we are now as far from Northern Ireland as one can be. Everything feels more at peace now, we are content while we are embracing ourselves in pink hues and warm spring breezes 🌸😘 #goodbyeireland
  • Happy Friday ❤️🎂🥰